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Fynamic Insights Credit Services

The Pink Print

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The Business Credit PinkPrint eBook will explore various ways of how you can build your Business Credit without having to use your social security (SSN) as a personal guarantee. Business Credit will enable you to keep your personal and company finances separate. Your business will have its own credit profile once you start generating business credit, allowing it to qualify for funding (i.e. credit cards, loans, and credit lines).

The Pinkprint E-Book will provide all of the key components to build your business credit portfolio and become profitable in your industry!

What's included?

💎 Understand the importance of business credit and how you can leverage other people's money to set your business up for success

💎 How to properly structure your business to build Business Credit

💎 How to apply for EIN and Dun's Number for free

💎 Learn how to access business credit reports

💎Learn about the types of credit for business financing and requirements

💎 Understand how to build credit without using your SSN

💎Tradelines and Retail cards you must have!

💎How business credit can help you make large purchases

💎How to maximize funding for your business and so much more!

If you are someone who does not have any money or is tired of using your own money to fund your business then this book is for YOU!

Obtaining business credit is a phenomenal key component for businesses. It will allow you to scale while keeping your personal assets safe. By following the steps outlined in this book, you will be able to secure business credit and funding in your business name.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gladis J

This book is to die for!


I found out that my business was not structured right. This book helped me fix all of my mistakes! A great buy! Thanks to the author

So worth it

I was able to get a paydex score in 30 days! This book is so easy to follow. I highly recommend

The best book ever

I was able to build my business credit in 3 months. The book is so easy to follow.

Sarah Potter

This book is incredible!!! It's so easy to understand and very thorough!!